Friday, 21 October 2011

Day In My Life

Woke up to a sunny bright morning, knew the day was going to be hairy. Got ready, packed my gear and headed for class. Acting for the day, learn t new breathing exercises to release and express different emotions that the body specially remembers, Happiness, Tenderness, Sadness, Fear, Hope and Erotic love (gnarly !). I realized somin important today: "look into yourself for guidance your the best help you could give to yourself and listen to heart before it decides to listen to someone else." Set standards for yourself that only you can reach only then will the standards begin to reach for you.

I find a release when I write my lyrics on this roof top that over looks the entire city. My city's beautiful and hear calling right now. "oh yeah cant forget this my Mixtape name is.... wait for it....wait for it.... wait for it...nah i cant tell you yet..Lol!" #Take Over.

God In My Heart

God In My Heart
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